EXPAREL | Non-opioid Analgesic Pain Management

EXPAREL® is an non-opioid pain medication that lasts for 72 hours and can be used to provide relief following wisdom tooth extractions, dental implant surgery, and other procedures. Commonwealth Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery offers EXPAREL® in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Dr. Acord believes that focusing on patient comfort improves the entire surgical experience, from feeling confident before a procedure to managing pain during recovery. 


     How EXPAREL Works

Upon injection, the medication spreads through soft tissues, minimizing pain with natural lipids and a time-release technique for targeted and lasting pain relief. The expected duration of discomfort and swelling after implant placement, tooth extraction or wisdom teeth extractions is approximately two to three days in most cases. Because EXPAREL continues to relieve pain for 72 hours following surgery, it may be the only analgesic you need during recovery.